Head to Head: Mikkeller Black Hole vs. Foothills Sexual Chocolate

Everythings gone fuzzy
Welcome to another Head to Head challenge. Today is the last in this batch of Imperial Stout Head to Heads. Both these beers have breezed through the competition. One is from Denmark, The Mikkeller Black Hole, a beer that is in my current top 10 list. The second beer hailing from America and my home state of North Carolina is the highly sought after Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout

As usual the tasting was done blind and to style.
Style: Imperial Stout. View the Top Imperial Stouts

Beer Mikkeller Black Hole Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout
Brewer Mikkeller Foothills
Country Denmark America
State (if Applicable) North Carolina

Appearance: Winner – Sexual

Black Hole – Pours a beautiful black but the head just does not develop.

Sexual – Just what you would expect of an Imperial Stout. Pours black with a nice frothy tan head. The head leaves very little lace as it quickly disappears.

Aroma: Winner – Sexual

Black Hole – Lots of aromas are present in this beer. There is a bit of sweetness form the malts but also a nice coffee smell and a good does of floral hops.

Sexual – This has a bit less intensity but has more subtlety. There is more sweetness along with nice roasted smells that are more dark chocolate than coffee.

Taste: Winner – Black Hole

Black Hole – I love haw big this beer is. The flavors are strong and vibrant. There is definitely an alcohol presence in that there is a hint of whisky that I really like. The coffee taste is also very evident and there is some sweetness that swirls around the mouth.

Sexual – This is very smooth and enjoyable. There are nice roasted flavors that compliment the initial sweetness. Distinct chocolate and some fruit flavors also add to the enjoyment. There is a good does of bitterness as you continue to drink but it is not a strong or harsh flavor. .

Body/Finish: Winner – Sexual

Black Hole – Full bodied with a long bitter finish.

Sexual – This has the kind of finish that makes you want to come back for more. The body is full and the finish is long with an initial sweetness that is joined by a well judged bitterness.

Overall: Winner – Sexual
Today we had two great beers and one winner. Seems a shame really. I would love to say it was straightforward to choose the Sexual Chocolate as the winner but it wasn’t. While it is the beer I wanted more of during the tasting that is not to say that the Black Hole could not have won. The reason it did not is it is just a bit to big even for an Imperial Stout. But what a beer it is. Big, bold, complex are all characteristics common in Imperial stouts but here they are taken to extremes. You may like it as I know that I do. But when put next to a Imperial Stout as well crafted as the Sexual Chocolate it just seems a bit crass. The Sexual chocolate is just so smooth, so full of flavors that compliment each other without ever becoming overpowering. But don’t think it lacks the strong characteristics of a good Imperial stout for while it is smooth the aroma, taste and finish have all the hallmarks of a truly great Imperial Stout. So it earns it spot at the top of the Imperial Stout table. But you know what the Mikkeller is still in my top 10 list.


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