Head To Head: Mikkeller Black Hole vs. Victory Storm King

beer goes in but nothing comes out
Welcome to another Head to Head challenge.

Style: Imperial Stout. View the Top Imperial Stouts

Beer Mikkeller Black Hole Victory Storm King
Brewer Mikkeller Victory
Country Denmark America
State (if Applicable) Pennyslvania

Appearance: Winner – King

Black Hole – Pours a deep black with almost no head. What head there was had a tan color but it disappeared so quickly I can’t be sure of the accuracy of my observation.

King – Now that looks better. Black with good sized tan head. It does not last long but looked good while it was there.

Aroma: Winner – Black Hole

Black Hole – Really strong and powerful aroma. There is a definite hop aroma and distinct coffee smells. There are also roasted notes and some alcohol wafting around the glass.

King – A lot less aroma with a resin hop smell dominating.

Taste: Winner – Black Hole

Black Hole – Lots going on here. First is the warming alcohol and sweet caramel flavors. Then the hops start to come on and finally hints of whisky and bourbon appear. Very complex and quite a challenge.

King – Less happening here with a really strong bitterness the main flavor. Could really do with more malts.

Body/Finish: Winner – King

Black Hole – Very Full bodied but the finish is not the beers finest point. It is still pleasing if a bit syrupy and a slight Metallic finish.

King – Straight forward bitter finish but more enjoyable for it. Good full body and long finish.

Overall: Winner – Black Hole
The Black Hole really showed up the Storm King. It had more complexity, a wider palate of flavors and was simply a more enjoyable Imperial stout. This is not a beer for the timid but that is how Imperial Stouts tend to be. This one more than most is a real challenge. Not because it overpowers with one flavor or aroma but because it keeps bringing out more and more. It is not perfect as both the appearance and finish leave room for improvement and I am not sure I would have more than one. At nearly 14% my kidneys and liver would probably not forgive me if I did.


~ by alelagerlambic on July 1, 2008.

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